Affiliate Program

Frequently Ask Questions

1How to register as PatPat affiliate(s)/publisher(s)?

First, click Register to register your identity and wait for our approval. If the approval is approved, you can log in our affiliate system. If not, please re-register and submit application.

2How to choose Web Type?

If your website(s)/promotion method belongs to any of these options: Coupon/Deal/Cashback/Email Marketing/Price Comparison/others, please choose coupon; If your website belongs to sub-affiliate Network;please choose Affiliate Network; If you are content creator, your channels belong to Instagram/YouTube/Facebook/VK/Pinterest/Whatsapp/Telegraph/Twitter/blog or other social media, please choose social media.

3How to get our latest news or offers?

The latest news or offers will be posted on the bulletin board of the Home page in time.

4How to check your commission?

In the Report interface, you can view the status and commission amount of each order you generate. Also, you can view your current commission rate and the total commissions.

5How to Withdraw?

In Payment center, check your current total commissions and withdraw-able commissions. The commissions is generated after the order is successfully placed and can be withdrawed after 30 days. At the same time, you can choose PayPal or bank transfer for cash withdrawal.

6How to Get Promotion Pics and Links?

In the Promotion interface, select the promotion pics with different sizes and corresponding links.

7How to Get coupon?

In the Coupon interface, select the Coupon you want and the corresponding information and links, which can be downloaded in batch.

8How to Get Promotion Links?

Get promotion links in Adlink interface, promotion link with our track ID is Adlink. You can generate your Adlinks of products or campaigns. Adlink can track your sales performance, please make sure to promote via Adlink, otherwise sales can't be tracked.

9What's Commission rules?

If your Web type is coupon, your commission rate is 7%, regardless of new customers or existence. If your Web type is Affiliate Network, your commission rate is 8%, regardless of new customers or existence. If your Web type is social media, your commission is 13%, regardless of new customers or existence.

10What is the Incentive Offer?

We will make some incentive plans for affiliates to push you get more commission. If the incentive offer is ready, we will post it on Homepage, please pay attention to your homepage news.